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Beloved Tales -The Incredibles - Surprise Release - Pin 11691
Glitter, Pin on Pin, Series, Surprise
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$ 14.95
This round, silver-finished pin pays homage to the animated classic “The Incredibles” by featuring the oldest four members of the Parr family posing in their various Incredible personas. Starting from the left, and moving right:
Dashiell ‘Dash’ Parr
Violet Parr
Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible
Helen Parr / Mrs. Incredible / Elastigirl

Mrs. Incredible herself is the Pin on Pin element. Sparkle/glitter elements are all of the plants, trees, and their leaves in the upper part of the background. Fragile stencil element is the brownish dirt in the lower part of the background and the masks and eyes of each of the 4 characters.

What is unusual about this pin is that the white label containing the price and SKU number was placed on the back of the card itself, rather than on the back of the cellophane envelope the pin on it’s card was packaged into. The earliest releases in this series had their SKU label placed on the cellophane envelope.

What sets this SKU label apart from the ones on all other ones on earlier releases in this ongoing series is that above the bar code is the name of the store the pin was released at, and below green bar code is ‘DIS-PIN BT Incredibles’.

Printed down the left side of the original card, and branded on the back of the pin itself, is the code “P389-7448-2-13165”. This same code is found in similar places on the back of the card for the other pins in this series released on the same day as this particular pin was released.

Similar, but not identical, codes can be sometimes found on the backs of the cards, in some of the earlier releases in this series. To summarize, a brief history of the codes in this series up thru this release:
1) Earliest releases did not have codes on either the backs of their cards, or on the backs of the pins themselves.
2) When first introduced, the codes were only on the backs of the cards.
3) When the codes were first put onto the backs of the pins themselves, they were branded on.

Size, in inches, approximately 2 5/16 W x 1 15/16 H.

Part of the Beloved Tales series.

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